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About Sonar Courier

A typical courier service firm only deals in making deliveries for parcels and other small goods, but for Sonar courier, taking on this sector led to it diversifying into other areas. By coming up with a robust business model, Sonar courier has been able to weather through the storm that came with the advancement in technology and remain profitable. Long gone are the days when the delivery of letters used to generate a lot of revenue emails came along, and social media made everything easy.

However, we do still make delivery of parcels inclusive of letters but now have added different services to bring in profits and increase our revenues. As Sonar courier, we currently do provide delivery service of goods, food, have moving services, warehousing, and logistics, online shopping, to mention but a few.


Small parcels and goods nowadays are our main business ventures since we have a robust system in place, have several pick-up points available, and still do make home deliveries. A lot of people prefer getting their goods or parcels right at their doorsteps. The latter led to us putting more emphasis on ensuring products under our care reach their designated destination on time. We have a lot of staff working on making deliveries by any means possible either by motorcycles, vans, or trucks.

Lunch deliveries

Apart from making deliveries of parcels and small goods, we added a new service and now do deliver food to our customers anywhere across the country. For our working-class customers, we have lunch delivery services available, and you can get your specially made food right from home or your favorite local restaurant. To succeed in our endeavor, we had to partner with local restaurants, food trucks, and hotels. The later have our delivery systems integrated in their food order systems leading to us having real-time info on orders up for delivery and can proceed to make the deliveries on time.

Deli deliveries

Furthermore, apart from hotels and restaurants, we went a step further and partnered with locals delis and grocery stores. The latter enables Sonar Courier to make deliveries right at your home for your milk, groceries, honey, meat products, wine, and fish. If you’re stuck in traffic or forgot a vital ingredient for your date night, Sonar courier is in place to save you. We also make deliveries of different types of pet foods.

Drugs deliveries

As a customer-oriented company, we also went ahead to partner with hospitals and pharmacies to provide services to patients. In our partnership with hospitals, we make deliveries of patient’s prescriptions from drug stores to patients. The latter is our way of lending a helping hand to patients at their time of need. Drugs prescribed by doctors are handed over to our delivery guys who make doorstep deliveries per patient’s request. Through coordinating with medical practitioners, we can save a life by delivering the drugs right on time and at the patient’s doors.

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