Franchise and CSR project


Similarly, with Sonar courier having been grown from a small entity to now an entity boasting of having several businesses under its umbrella, we do accept franchising offers from interested parties. However, before you take our name, you go through a thorough background check to ensure you meet our standards. The background check is in place to vet our business partners since Sonar courier has been grown to a household name. We are always looking to expand hence the franchise program. In case you want to reach out to us, please do so via our phone numbers and our representative will provide you with further assistance.

CSR project

As a reputable service delivery firm, we are part of several CSR projects whose primary role is to help change the lives and our environment and make it better for ourselves. There is another project of this firm. At this project there isĀ also a nice welcome bonus at Casumo. You can claim this Casumo casino bonus here.

As such, we do volunteer in various activities and even participate in fundraising drives geared at helping the community. Similarly, we go the extra mile and hand out scholarships to members of our community who form part of the Sonar community. Together with our employees, we happy to be part of a society that takes care of its environment.

If you have a CSR project you would love for Sonar couriers to be part of, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our doors are always open.