Help desk

Sonar help desk

With all the above business ventures, we do need a reliable and robust help desk to handle orders, complaints, or customers seeking further assistance. As such, we have a dedicated team of professional call center agents. The agents are well trained and ready to not only listen to you but also advise you in case of disagreements. You are also free to lodge your complaints with them and get a ticket issued. Tickets act as a reminder once a complaint is lodged, but they come in handy at helping sort the issue raised later on.

Furthermore, through issuing a ticket, our officials can make follow-ups with customers, later on, to confirm if the issue sorted out or not. Employing the above mechanism puts our customers first and helps serve them better. Besides calling the help desk, you can lodge your complaints or even send us a shout out via our social media pages. We are available on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. The social media platforms have proven to be beneficial to us in many ways besides just helping us reach out to the public; they are our number-one marketing platforms.