Online shopping

Parcel tracking and tracing

In a bid to give our customers peace of mind when we are making deliveries, we made it possible for them to track and trace the location of their products in transit. The track and trace feature is available at our app, but one can also track their products via our web-based platform that is via a computer or tablet. The app is available for iOS and Android users. It also supports placing delivery, so be sure to check it out.

Other Sonar courier business ventures

For close to ten years, we have been operating as a courier company covering both long and short routes. Apart from expanding, we were able to create new businesses out of our existing ones. Now we provide warehousing services and are also in the moving industry. Moving services are available to customers relocating to a different town or house. At Sonar, we will professionally help relocate you and your family, relieving you from the stress that comes with moving.

On the other hand, for the business community, we do have warehouses strategically located near special economic zones and near land and sea entry points. The latter means you can easily store your goods at our warehouses upon arrival from the factory or after importation. Security is guaranteed at our warehouses. On top of having CCTVs, we have employed private security firms to help provide additional security.

Moreover, if you’re in need of transportation services, we are at your disposal.

Sonar courier online shopping

By employing the use of the latest technology, we also set up an online shopping platform where we sell different types of goods to customers. Some of the products come from our partners, but others are available courtesy of Sonar courier. Since our courier services go hand in hand with online shopping platforms, we saw the need to set up an online mall. At Sonar online mall, you will get all types of beverages, beddings, cutlery, electronics, clothing, toys, among others. The goods are readily available and upon purchase, are quickly delivered at your doorsteps.

Although we have all types of products available at our mall, we are always in search of partners to add more and more products. As Sonar’s business partner, you will come in to provide the goods while we make sure the products reach the customer’s doorstep through our networks.